Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pick Me | Review and Giveaway of Freshly Picked Moccasins for Children

(In accordance with FTC Guidelines, I am required to disclose that we (FiFi Ruffles) received product in lieu of payment for the review and hosted Giveaway. The opinions expressed below are that of my own)

Unless you have been living under a rock or don't have young children, by now you should have heard of Freshly Picked?! It is THE hottest Children's Moccasin Company {at least in my opinion}. I'd even venture to say- the HOTTEST Kids shoe company right now-period. Perhaps I am biased!

As a regular IG'er (Instagram) I see these darling little moccs EVERYWHERE! It's no surprise, I recently learned that this very popular mobile app helped boost this company into the stratosphere! They have a following to kill for, really, over 200K followers! Their numbers say it all!

In the past couple months, the CEO, Susan,  was featured on The Shark Tank. This is how I learned a lot about the company. You just have read about their story or view their episode (fwd to 32.31). Just imagine, a company starting over salvaged windows and growing to this!

Until recently I was not aware that Freshly Picked made some toddler sizes. Well, when I saw that on there website I knew I HAD to have a pair for FiFi! We received out first pair a few days ago to review and host this Giveaway. I wasn't really sure what to expect...I tend to NOT go with the flow and what's in so I was a little apprehensive.

As we opened the box, I made sure FiFi was sitting next to me, she started getting very excited, wanting me to tare them open. WHY? The shoes come in basic, non descript brown box. As you open them, you notice black printed words on the insides of the flap;  garden tools, fruits, veggies and more. We continue to open the box, on top is the signature off white bag, inside are the Gold Moccs (eeek)..I put them aside before opening the bag to see what the else the little treasure box was hiding! At the bottom were the most adorable gardening stickers. Yep, I'm a little slow sometimes!   What a sweet idea tho! I explained to Sophia that we have a little project to do later! And yes, we will be sharing!

Now onto the Moccs. Mind you, the entire time she is trying to swipe the bag holding the moccs in Swiper fashion {swiper no swiping!)! To be honest, she was little perplexed about what we were opening. Finally I left her open the bag. She has never owned a pair of moccs and was not quite sure what they were but started squealing in delight because she knew I was excited, wide eyed and saying "oh sparkly" pretending not to notice the bag. We have many nic names for Her, one of them is "Bag Lady". She is obsessed any kind of bag and will put anything she can find in them. It's not uncommon to see 4 or 5 of them in the livingroom full of play food and such (most often something of mine I didn't notice she swiped!). So, really, if you add it all up, the box contained 4 items our daughter loves; stickers, craft project with said stickers, bag, shoes. This box packs some punch!! Genius packaging/marketing I might say!

She tried them on an she walked like a dog with slippers on {you can see that image in your head now, right?} She is quite klutzy and has pretty big feet for a little 3 year old (size 10 Moccs.). I was not surprised in her little The real test was walking on the tile floor. Most Floridian's have tile floors, which I love, but cause injuries for klutzy non skid sock wearing kiddos. She DIDN'T slip. Yep, I'm sold!

On to the real test. We decided to explore local alley ways in our downtown Art District. A new friend of mine is an artist {Jennifer Kosharek | Kosharek Art} that, she and other locals {Chad Mize / Blue Lucy}, had painted Murals in the alley ways of the 600 block in St Pete. Perfect time to explore. After all, the alleys are made of uneven brick and pavers, random rocks and slippery old leaves.

As you can see, they(shoes) were perfect for the occasion. She did not complain once that her feet hurt or were slippery. She probably thanked me a few times for getting her the shoes {she is very polite--I hope that sticks;P)

I see these little Moccasins getting plenty of use! They are so versatile and compliment casual or more formal attire. Dress 'em up or down ;)

Styling Credits;

Shoes: Freshly Picked | Gold Moccasins

Skirt: FiFi Ruffles | Gilded Flight Circle Skirt

Scarf: FiFi Ruffles  | Slately Gold Infinity Scarf

Headband: Birdie Baby Boutique | Tribe Vibe

Top: Target 

Now for the Giveaway! The giveaway is running for one week. 8/28 7:30pm est thru 9/4 11:59pm est. The winner will be announced 2-3 business days later (depending on the volume of entries)

Please be sure to read the terms and conditions before entering. If you have won a pair of Freshly Picked Moccs. in the past 12 months you are not eligible. Remember, the more entries you make, the better chance you have;)
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