Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"My Favorite Giveaway Ever!" Giveaway

Yikes, I know, I keep saying I am going to discipline myself and start blogging and sharing..but really, I have NO clue how these woman do it!! Family, Business, creating AND blogging-phew!

Here is another attempt! I love to sew AND share Giveaways of fellow "handmakers" like myself. Yes, I know, another made up word..hehe.

Now onto the serious business!

"My Favorite Giveaway Ever!" Giveaway

I have been working with Katie (Owner, creator and seamstress) for about 9 months now. I absolutely LOVE her style and drive to be successful and most of all her "story" is similar to mine. I am finding that there are many Moms that have left the career world to stay with their little ones and somehow either use or find their creative side to support their families.

I was introduced to Katie's line "Kangacoo Designs" by my Giggle Moon rep. No question about it, I was gushing and said YES, YES, YES I want to carry her collections in my store! After all, ruffles are MY THING!  I then learned that Kangacoo offered custom, oh yes, custom designs!!! Jackpot!!

Here are just some of my favorites! The first was a non commercial order..just an outfit I LOVE and just had to have for FiFi. Amy at Spark Babies captured this magical number for me

Gone Boating...the fastest and most popular seller!

A great collection is one that has something for everyone! Babies to Adults, Katie has nailed it!  

And perhaps my favorite..the "Mermaid Gown", a custom made creation just for FiFi Ruffles;) If you didn't know already--I love Mermaids!

Here is FiFi showing her sassy little Mermaid Tall Tankini off.

Now for the Giveaway! When I met Katie (sadly only via phone and email;( I asked and maybe begged a little for her to do sponsorships, giveaways, just something! She has a great following and just the sweetest personality..and have you seen her daughter?! Just as cute as she!  I was so excited to learn she was finally going to do it!!! Her first giveaway was a huge success with over 900 entries. She had some GREAT participants and even a local boutique I know and swoon over (Birdie Baby Boutique). Take a look:  

This time around here are just some!  Items include clothing, jewelry, advertising, blogging, mentoring, party items and more!

I would love to hear what you want to win?! Go on over to Katie's blog and enter! You will see the full list of prizes and hopefully discovered great new products, shops and services!




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