Monday, October 22, 2012

Another Man's trash is another Man's Treasure!

We live in a community that was formerly "retirement" a couple decades ago. So as you can imagine, there are still quite a few retirees in their 70's, 80's and 90's still residing in the condos they bought 20 years  ago or more. At any rate..I have watched for the past 8 years as these owners move out or get new things, throw away some GORGEOUS vintage furniture. I always want to scoop them up and my husband always shoots me down with the "where are we going to put it" come back--so of, course he wins! He's right, no garage or yard to refinish it (darn).

About a month of another pile of furniture was just sitting next to the dumpster for pickup. This time I acted FAST!!. There was  perfect side bureau, 6 drawers with fantastic hardware and a matching mirror. It was in perfect condition except for one drawers was broke and the color..well..was just UGLY.  No weird smells or rot or anything. AND...we had a relatives place to refinish it at.

We forgot to get a pic. of the entire BEFORE but you will get the gist. I would love to say I did this all myself, but I did not ;O I did help my hubby tho..his perfectionist tendencies drive me insane sometimes,  but I've got to say that is probably why he always amazes me with his talents!

Drum Roll....

I am in LOVE with the end result!! We paid a 1/4 (if not less) to do this project than we would've buying a new piece for the boutique,  we recycled and most of all, the gratification of making something you're proud of surpasses any monetary value ;)

Worker Smarter NOT Harder!!

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