Monday, September 3, 2012

Why Not?

I was recently asked if I had a blog. Well, NO, I didn't and I thought...yes, I would really like to start one. Well, here I am!

The next 6 weeks will bring some very exciting yet exhausting and nerve racking moments. However, I thought it would be a perfect time to document my journey!

I am in the process of restructuring my website, creating this blog, preparing for 3 events, sewing for those events, managing the boutique all the while mothering my 18 month little girl Sophia (aka FiFi). Yes, she will be talked about ALOT I am sure! Phew-I am exhausted just listing it all!

I plan on blogging about my many, many loves; crafting, sewing, merchandising/buying, business logistics (accounting etc), and caring for my little one. I fear I have some big shoes to fill--trying to manage it all. I have some great inspiration tho!

In the meantime, Here is alittle about me!

My inspiration to craft, sew and sell little girls clothing took shape over the past 2 years as I became pregnant with my daughter and became obessed with finding the most adorable clothing, nursery design ideas and DIY projects and I could go on and on. I soon stumbled upon sewing and crafting blogs. I know what you are thinking..."just now?". Yeppers!! As a Mom of two grown boys I never had the need to look for such things and besides I was on the computer way too much for my work at home job anyhow and never a girly girl in anyway!
 The first blog I fell in love with was one that Lindsay writes ( The Cottage Mama-thus the big shoes to fill!). And was over from there! I follow so many brilliant and talented woman now. I hope to introduce you to them along the way.
I am excited to document, share and learn from my journey of opening a boutqiue for little girls, all while crafting and sewing and let's not forget entertaining and educating little FiFI! I hope I can inspire and bring a few chuckles to your lives while doing so.

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  1. Congrats on your journey. Looking good so far! Can't wait to have my girls in these adorably yummy fabrics!