Sunday, September 9, 2012

'Tis the Season

For the past 2 months Sheri (owner/photog) & I have been collaborating on a project. It seemed so far away then---well, now we are two days away from the promo shoot and I am feeling the adrenaline kicking in!

The idea was to come up with apparel that we can mix and match together in Holiday spirit, style the kiddos in them and shoot them in one of Sheri's infamous sets. As she puts it " Dr. Seuss meets Tim Burton". In addition to custom outfit made for each child, Sheri will offer several photo products including (not limited to) Greetings Cards.

Three sample dresses with matching knickers ( I really like saying Knickers..hahaha) & coordinating hair accessories and a vest for a boy were made. I used fabrics from Michael Miller and Robert Kaufman...the aquas, reds and pink are just gorgeous.

I would love to share pics but my amateur shots would not do them justice...I'm waiting for the pro! Here's a sneak peek of the set over at Enchanted Forest Photography (yet again, keppin' it local with another KSPL local member/founder).

I encourage you to browse the photos on her site and/or'll see why I am so excited to be working with Sheri.

TahTa for now ;P

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