Sunday, October 28, 2012


How it began----Sitting down at a local coffee shop brainstorming with someone as enthusiastic and passionate as I about clothing and photos and styled shoots. (DUH!). Let's not forget the love of  Dr Suess.....AND the love of the Holidays of course! We thought, why not bring these to things together and give those out of the box "ya-sayers" something to squeal about!! Sheri with her amazing photog skills and I with my desire to create and sew, sew, sew decided to join forces!

A Deadline was slated ;O

We began stalking Etsy and a couple online fabric stores for inspiration..and oh boy did we find it!! Two collection by different Designers complimented each other so harmoniously.These prints including pink and white swirls, red with white trees, red reindeer and pink presents on a aqua background. The next was just as gorgeous and non traditional as the first...polar bears and circles of teal, gray and red, red with big white beautiful snow flakes and multi-colored stripes!! Just take a look--HOW stunning?!!

The mission was on! I created 3 dresses with matching pantaloons, 2 vests and ties and several hair accessories. I worried the entire time sewing these little creations..."are these as fabulous as I think they are"?!! On pins and needles I revealed the little collection to my cohart..she gushed..I gushed..we all gushed;) Full steam ahead!!!

We found some amazing adorable little ones and very patient Mommies and Daddies to loan us their little ones for two test shoots.
Personality was none the lacking with these little squirts!!
Can you tell?! I love the less obvious, candid shots

that Sheri was able to capture. 

Other than sharing this process I wanted to share the journey that I (we) had to make this all happen. I think it's important to realize that not all things go perfectly or smoothly and the person behind the scene maybe just as terrified as anyone else!!  So, I say, GO FOR IT!! You may be pleasantly surprised.


  1. Love these beautiful dresses/headbands!! Laughing Bellies introduced us to your blog/store.. officially obsessed with the cuteness. My favorite pattern is the little creatures... how beautiful are those colors and the sweet little deer? :) Very excited to come check out the store sometime.

    1. TY Andrea! It is so fun picking out the fabrics and then of course seeing the end result! Yes, come visit sometime ;)